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Information Management is our Specialty - Learn more about our Internet Marketing services

Setting up your Internet website is only a first step - You also have to Market your Website so that prospective customers will (1) know about your website, (2) visit your website, and (3) learn more about your business, products and services.

Your website is like your store front. Making it presentable and eye-catching is important, but not enough. To get the attention of the area customers, you will have to advertise and use marketing techniques to "get the word out" and bring people to your website.

     We Offer Four Essential Internet eMarketing Services

Internet eMarketing Services  Complete Website Optimization
Includes line-by-line analysis of your Index Page HTML Code and Keywords, along with registration of your website on all major search engines and search portals such as Google, Yahoo, BING, and MSN.
Goal: To make sure that YOUR website will pop up whenever anybody is looking on the Internet for the products or services that you provide.

Internet eMarketing Services  Reciprocal Listing & Other Online Advertising Options
We will suggest approprite links to add to your site. Providing links to other sites which offer similar services is helpful in establishing your type of business. We will also suggest and contact other sites which might also add a back-link from their site to your site. Additionally, we will help you to determine the right audience for your business and give guidance regarding advertising providers and methods.
Goal: To bring prospective customers to your site while also improving your Internet Ranking.

Internet eMarketing Services  Social Networking Assistance
We will get you started in Facebook, Linked-In, MySpace, Twitter, Blogger, and other popular social networking sites. It is a fact that you can easily reach thousands of Internet users, local and far away, through these online message boards - and, once you learn how, it can be both profitable and fun!
Goal: Increase your business visibility on the Internet.

Internet eMarketing Services  Contact List & Newsletter Management
Customer Care is an important element of business success. Learn as much as you can about your customers and communicate with them regularly. Meet, Greet, and Follow-up. To do this properly, you have to maintain a Customer Contact List. It can be a spreadsheet or, better, a database; and it needs to capture as much information as possible about each of your customers. Know your customers and contact them regularly. Send an email or mail out a letter, flyer, or newsletter. Allow us to show you proven methods.
Goal: To show customer appreciation, and keep them coming back.

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