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Information Management is our Specialty

Data Services of Georgia recommends Filemaker Pro 10      Our Professional Database Team can:

Database Design & Development  Build a Custom Database to Meet Your Needs
Database Network Setup  Establish Secure Network and Internet Access
Database Administration  Provide Ongoing Maintenance and Backup Services

Business Database Solutions

Regardless of your business type, you will need to collect and save information.
. . . and you will use that information to produce reports, documents, and other printouts.

Spreadsheets are great.
We love them, use them, and recommend them.
However - What happens when the number of rows and columns in your spreadsheet increases to 100 . . . 1,000 . . . 10,0000 . . . and more!

Do you really want to scroll up and down, back and forth, over thousands of rows and columns?

A custom Database is the answer.
With a Database, you can easily manage large amounts of information.

A custom Database provides quick and easy access to your information:
(1) A user-friendly interface to Collect and Store your valuable business information.
(2) The ability to Search, Sort, and Summarize your information at the click of a button.
(3) A way to produce Tailored Print-outs of specific Summary Reports, Sorted Lists, Labels, and more.

What business information should you store in a database?
Just to name a few, consider:

  • Client and Customer Profiles
  • Sales Data
  • Purchase Orders
  • Invoices
  • Vendor Profiles
  • Product Inventory
  • Accounting Summaries
  • Prospective Customers
  • Tax Data
  • Contact Lists
  • Personnel Data
  • Location Lists

Your custom Database will grow as your business grows, and can hold essentially an unlimited amount of information. Your database can be totally online or it can be loaded onto one PC or your business network to be shared by multiple workers; and it can be both online and onsite too if you wish. Either way, access will always be secured to insure the safety and integrity of your information.

Your custom Database can do much more than a regular spreadsheet. The modern Database today is capable of containing special items of information such as Photos, Documents, Videos, and Sound Files such as voice and music.

You can also have easy access to your database through the Internet using your Smartphone, tablet, and other mobile devices.

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