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Computer Hardware

How many computers do I need?
What kind of computers should I buy?
Do I have enough memory & storage?
Do I need a network?
How do I connnect to the Internet?
Do I need wifi?
What if something breaks?
What kind of maintenance is needed?
What about security and privacy?
Do I need a battery backup system?

Business Software

What software will I need?
Which operating system is best?
How much does software cost?
How do I install software?
How do I upgrade my software?
What if something crashes?
Is software maintenance needed?
What about Microsoft Office?
Do I need a special Database?
Which Anti-virus is best?
How do I make my computers safe?
What email type should I use?

Website Design & Internet Marketing

Does my business need a website?
What kind of website do I need?
What is a domain?
How much does a website cost?
Who will update and maintain the site?
What if my website goes down?
What if I get hacked?
How will I market my website?
Where should I register my website?
What about website forms?

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